“Starting 11”
Fans Sign Beam

To commemorate the first steel beam rising at St. Louis CITY Stadium, St. Louis CITY SC gave fans a chance to be a part of the experience.

Through an online promotion, the club invited supporters to enter for their chance to be the “Starting XI” fans.

11 fans were then selected to receive the honors, which included an exclusive invitation to a ceremony in which club ownership and St. Louis civic leaders signed the first beam.

“It’s just amazing… just to be here, be a part of the groundbreaking and the first steel beam that’s going to be the linchpin of, not only the stadium, but bringing the city back together,” said Starting XI member Siva Avvaru.

Many Starting XI members signed not only their names, but the names of family members.

“My son is one and a half right now, has a soccer ball glued to his foot all the time,” said Shelby Domabyl-Deiters. “And I put his name with mine up there. He’s going to be four by the time we get to go to our first game and to be able to let him know it’s not just me that’s part of the stadium, it’s you.”

The Starting XI all received commemorative St. Louis CITY SC hardhats, as well as an on-the-scene look at the stadium’s construction progress.
“What they’ve been able to get done in a short amount of time is really incredible,” said Brian Miller. “I mean, the way they’re building down into the ground so that the stadium, all the fans, will be closer to the field… it’s going to be really awesome.”

Malia Dunbar can already see how the stadium is going to be bigger than soccer: “It’s definitely going to revitalize Downtown West. People are not only going to come down here for soccer games, but they’re also going to come down for the other attractions and businesses and retail that are going to be built up,” said Dunbar.

After the Starting XI beam signing experience, many of the fans expressed a deeper connection to the club.

“It’s awesome to be part of the team before the stadium is even built,” said Victoria Swider. “To be part of the Starting 11 has really been a great opportunity for everybody.”

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