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St. Louis CITY Stadium has always been more than just a sports venue. Since the beginning, St. Louis CITY SC and its architecture partners have set out to build a stadium district that will further the revitalization of Downtown West and serve as a connection point between The Gateway Arch and Forest Park.

At a virtual round table discussion on December 2, officials from both the club and its partners further explained the vision for this world-class stadium district on gamedays as well as non-gamedays.

“We designed the stadium district to be more than just about sports. It’s a key connection point in Downtown West, linking Union Station and businesses on Olive Street, while anchoring the West end of the Gateway Mall,” said Julie Snow, co-founder of Snow Kreilich Architects. “We envision a truly integrated stadium district that is part of the fabric of St. Louis. Not only will the energy from the stadium flow out into the district and the City, but the energy of the City will flow in.”

Part of that design vision means every side of the stadium – North, East, South, West – will be open and inclusive and have no back door or back of house. With all sides open, the stadium district is a fully integrated urban design that creates this welcoming front porch feel for all fans.

“We spent tons and tons of time designing this building and shaping it so that you could just walk in off the street,” said Eli Hoisington, Design Principal at HOK St. Louis. “There are distinct parts of the district that fans can go be a part of 24/7. Retail, concessions, all of the things that are going to be unique about this project now have their own address on the district.”

“With the welcoming urban design, we’re able to push boundaries when it comes to the experience on game day, and every day in between,” said Matt Sebek, Chief Experience Officer for St. Louis CITY SC. “Through the addition of the pitch level loge boxes, upper-level outdoor terraces and our state-of-the-art technology, CITY fans will be able to have the ultimate unique game-day experience.”

With the early construction phase now finished, the St. Louis CITY Stadium project continues to take shape in the heart of Downtown West.

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